XBH-5844 Using Web Components with frontend frameworks (Angular, React, and Vue). | Devoxx

Devoxx Ukraine 2018
from Friday 23 November to Saturday 24 November 2018.

   Using Web Components with frontend frameworks (Angular, React, and Vue).

Hands-on Lab

Modern Web
Modern Web
Intermediate level
Space F Friday from 13:30 til 16:30

Biggest advantage of using web components is that, they are standard. It gives you a wider choice of components to use regardless of the choice of framework. And when you build a web component, you know that it's interoperable and everyone can use. In this workshop we will explore how to use web components with some of the top frontend frameworks: Angular, React, and Vue. Depending on your preferred language and framework, the tutorial and end results are the same. We will also discuss some of the workarounds to perform advanced data binding and interaction with forms.

Web Components   Angular   React   frontend development  
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A.Mahdy AbdelAziz
A.Mahdy AbdelAziz
From Vaadin

International technical speaker, Google developer expert (GDE), Oracle Developer Champion, trainer and developer advocate. Passionate about Web and Mobile apps development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices. www.amahdy.net

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