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Devoxx Ukraine 2018
from Friday 23 November to Saturday 24 November 2018.

   What Users Want, A/B testing explained


Modern Web
Modern Web
Beginner & novice level
Space B Friday from 14:10 til 15:10

We all would like to know what users want, right? Then we could build it and get a lot of money for it. But how to find out without being psychic, can we ask them ?

The worst thing you can do is build the wrong thing. But how to know what is right and what is wrong? We don't have a crystal ball. Is our gut feeling the best we can do ?

Join me while I take you on a trip behind the scene of some of the most successful website in the world. I will share their secret with you. How they made it happen, how they decide what to build, when to build and how to make sure that it is what the users want. And of course how they made their fortune in the process of doing this.

A/B testing   UX   best practices  
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Vladimir Dejanovic
Vladimir Dejanovic
From AmsterdamJUG

Founder and leader of AmsterdamJUG.

IT Consultant, Software Architect, Team Lead and Chapter Lead working in industry since 2006 developing high performance software in multiple programming languages and technologies from desktop to mobile and web with high load traffic.

Enjoining developing software mostly in Java and JavaScript, however also wrote fair share of code in Scala, C++, C, PHP, Go, Objective-C, Python, R, Lisp and many others.

Always interested in cool new stuff, Free and Open Source software.

Like giving talks at conferences like JavaOne, Oracle Code One Devoxx BE, Devoxx US, Devoxx PL, Devoxx MA, Devoxx FR, JavaLand, GeeCON, Java Day Istanbul, Voxxed Days Belgrade, JDK.IO, JBCNConf Java Day Minks and others

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