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Devoxx Ukraine 2018
from Friday 23 November to Saturday 24 November 2018.

   Java stack traces in the real world: surprising results


Big Data & Data Mining
Big Data & Data Mining
Beginner & novice level
Space D Friday from 18:10 til 19:10

A lot can be learnt about the Java ecosystem by analyzing the publicly available stack traces. We can get surprising insights by asking a few simple questions and answering them.

  • How many java stack traces are there?
  • What is the most common stack trace?
  • How long is the longest stack trace?
  • Which module has the most stack traces?

Each question raises a number of follow-up questions

  • When do we call two stack traces the same?
  • Why is a stack trace so frequently searched?
    • Because its library is so popular or rather because it’s so buggy?
crashes   insights   Exceptions   errors  
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Arpad Tamasi
Arpad Tamasi
From Samebug, Inc.

Arpad is the founder and CTO of Samebug, a debugging assistant for developers. Prior to founding Samebug, he led a custom software development company for 10+ years where he developed over a hundred applications. His application portfolio includes an online customer service system, calculator and contract management for cars, financial calculators and much more for various major corporations in Hungary. This is where he got the idea for Samebug: after having to fix thousands of bugs for clients, he started working on a tool to help him fix bugs faster.

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