CBI-1043 Microprofile: Just enough EE for your Microservices | Devoxx

Devoxx Ukraine 2018
from Friday 23 November to Saturday 24 November 2018.

   Microprofile: Just enough EE for your Microservices


JVM Languages
Beginner & novice level
Space D Saturday from 10:30 til 11:30

There are many challenges with microservices architecture that are not solved by Java/Jakarta EE, but the MicroProfile seeks to close that gap. MicroProfile is an initiative brought by the Enterprise Java community to foster rapid innovation around Microservices and Enterprise Java. This session will show the details around the Microprofile initiative, how it improves the Java for modern applications, and finally how to implement a microprofile-based java application using WildFly Swarm.

WildFly Swarm is the decomposition and reconstitution of the popular WildFly Java Application Server in order to support just enough app server for microservices. Additionally, WildFly Swarm brings other state-of-the-art components to your microservices application, integrating them seamlessly.

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Rafael Benevides
Rafael Benevides
From Red Hat

Rafael Benevides is Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat. With many years of experience in several fields of the IT industry, he helps developers and companies all over the world to be more effective in software development. Rafael considers himself a problem solver who has a big love for sharing. He is a member of Apache DeltaSpike PMC - a Duke’s Choice Award winner project, and a speaker in conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, TDC, DevNexus and many others.

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