Alexey Ustenko | Devoxx

Devoxx Ukraine 2018
from Friday 23 November to Saturday 24 November 2018.

Alexey has more than 20 years of programming experience (mainly with Java stack). He worked for a number Ukrainian companies, both product based and outsourcing. Since 2010 he works and lives in the Netherlands.

Now Alexey is an engineering manager in ATTRAQT - an international company which provides SaaS solutions that maximize onsite search, online merchandising and personalization for eCommerce retailers.

To be a manager does not mean to become less technical. It means that additional know-hows and energy are required to help teams of skilled professionals to be effective and evolving.

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So, your system is well designed and thoroughly tested. It should run in production smoothly, shouldn’t it? If only it did! Alas, incidents happen.

Sometimes the reason is as simple (and embarrassing) as an edge case leading to a NullPointerException. But sometimes it’s really hard to understand the issue. You cannot believe it can ever happen! Yet it does. And after long hours of drilling in, you finally have an “aha! moment”: A well known, widely used library gets stuck in... An entire JVM crashes just because of... It appears to be an explosive combination of your Cloud provider policies and... A JVM setting, tweaked a few years ago...

No spoilers! Come and listen to four real stories of how “wonders” (not to say “nightmares”) which occurred in the production systems got investigated and how they have driven design or process improvements in our company.

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