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CFP opening : Friday, June 1, 2018

CFP closing : Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Reminder : The CFP is closed

Program announced : from Sunday, September 30, 2018


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List of tracks for Devoxx Ukraine 2018

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure Share howtos, experience, best-practices to work with cloud-based infrastructure. Building anything and deploying it anywhere. CI and CD. DevOps as a technical cookbook.
Modern Web Web frameworks. Cross-compilation to JavaScript. Thick-clients working via Web (e.g. JavaFx).
Methodology & Culture Corporate and development culture, software development methodologies, DevOps as a culture
JVM Languages Language features, news, specs, plans. Different languages comparison. Useful tools for debug, crash- or memory-analysis, etc.
Server Side Talks on frameworks and libraries which are mainly used on the server-side, e.g.: Spring framework, RxJava, Hibernate, batch processing, Jakarta EE. Various application servers. Databases.
Architecture & Security Share howtos, experience, best-practices to build a system and do it right. Microservices or monolithic design. Blockchain. Reactive applications. Also something which can be explained without dive into code.
Mobile & IoT Kotlin Native, Android, iOS, Xamarin, IoT, Embedded, M2M, smart objects, connectivity, etc
Machine Learning & AI Developing AI, teaching process and usage, specific libraries and external services (API)
Big Data & Data Mining Big data stream processing, analysis and trend building. Methods of categorisation. Specific libraries etc.